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History of Agri-Tool & Supply

After 18 years of working for a leading manufacturer of welding alloys specialising in maintenance and repair, in 1984 Larry Schmedding formed Agri-Tool & Supply to incorporate new ideas and improve welding type products. 

After many years of research and testing, Agri-Tool & Supply introduced "Perfect Pass Welding Products". Growing just one step at a time, Perfect Pass has continued to expand its product lines to include: Stick Electrodes, Wire Products, Powders, and TIG Torch Rods.

Agri-Tool & Supply started building Sawmill, and De-Barker parts, out of a High Alloy Casting. This market has expanded over the years, even through difficult times for the lumber industry.

Throughout the years, Agri-Tool & Supply and Perry Points of Fort Benton, MT have worked together on many different welding and wear control parts. Upon the death of Mr. Loran Perry, Agri-Tool & Supply acquired Perry Points to form a successful merger of the two companies.

All of our products and castings have been and will continue to be made in the Pacific Northwest. Agri-Tool & Supply makes a conscience effort to use USA home-grown products.

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