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At Agri-Tool & Supply we carry a wide variety of Chrome Wear Control parts for all of your agricultural needs. We have Chisel Points, Caps, Fertilizer tips, Plow Shears, as well Tungsten Carbide enhanced parts.
We sell a wide range Welding Wire, Stick Electrodes, Powders, and Torches to help with any Build-ups or Repairs.
We also have an array of forestry products such as B-5 Feed Wheels, PS8 Guide shoes, and other related items.
With our parts, you can count on your equipment lasting much longer and spending less time on maintenance!

Tungsten Enhanced Auger
Tungsten Enhanced Drill Point
B-5 Wear Bars
Complete B-5 Feed Wheel
Custom Built Wheels
Sillage Knives
Rubber Feed Wheel
Perry Point Cap
Custom Feed Wheels
After 1,500 Acres
Welding Wire
Power torch1
Powder Torch2
Custom Sawmill Wheels
1025WP Landslide
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