Magic Metal™ is a line of tough, wear-resistant, two-part epoxy resins that mix and apply with the ease and simplicity of a one-part epoxy resin. Magic Metal™ completely eliminates the chance of improper mixing. Non-magnetic and will not rust. Magic Metal™ adheres to damp surfaces and cures under water. Fast and workable for 5 minutes, sets in 15 minutes. Use as putty or adhesive. No measuring or mess - just cut off what you need! Magic Metal™ is chemical and corrosion resistant. Made In the USA • Patented Formulas

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Magic Metal™ Aluminum

Aluminum Enforced Epoxy Resin repairs gutters, storm doors, windows, aluminum siding, boats, RVs, machine parts, air conditioners, wheels, tanks, castings & pipes. Fill cracks & holes.

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Magic Metal™ Aqua

Underwater Repair Epoxy Putty repairs anything made of fiberglass. Patch dings, scratches, cuts & holes. Repair decks, hulls, fittings, tanks, pools, gutters & more. Bonds to fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete, ceramics, glass & many plastics.

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Magic Metal™ Copper

Copper Enforced Epoxy Resin repairs freeze breaks, leaking domestic hot water lines & other plumbing problems. Seal leaks in pipes, elbows, joints, sleeves & traps. Bonds to damp, wet, and slow-leaking surfaces.

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Magic Metal™ Steel

Steel Enforced Epoxy Resin rebuilds small engine parts, seals leaks, fills cracks and voids in metal, forms nuts & bolts. Repair stripped threads & anchore machines, metal tools, equipment, ducts, housing & appliances.

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Magic Metal™ Titanium

Titanium Enforced Epoxy Resin repairs tools, tanks, pipes, molds, iron pipes and golf clubs. Rebuild worn or stripped threads, castings, high temperature equipment & parts.

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Magic Metal™ Plastic

Plastic Repair Epoxy Putty repairs anything made of ABS, CPVC, & PVC plastic. Rebuild rigid & semi-flexible plastics. Repair automotive trim, appliance parts, outdoor furniture & more. Seal leaks in plastic plumbing pipe.

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Magic Metal™ Repair-It

Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty repairs broken or loose wall & floor tile, auto trim, concrete, bricks & blocks, toys, appliances, lawn mowers, sports equipment, auto bodies & oil pans. Fabricate small parts, electrical connectors, knobs, wire nuts & broken nuts & bolts.